Dear Colleagues:

I’d like to share with you some thoughts about the current time which we are living now, and the relevance it has over the Technical Education in such environment. Latinamerica is living a deep process of changes signed by a growing of his agro-industrial sector, pushing up by the Innovation and supported by the adoption of New Technologies, which allows us to add value to our products, producing more and better for our internal markets and for the strict International market. The establishment of important industries -previously based exclusively in countries of the first world- with sophisticated technologies, are an indicator that the agents of such change are determined to contribute to generate new scenarios of stable economies in our region of the continent, while in other latitudes there are uncertain moments. The powerful Software’s Industry found a renewed Telecommunication Infrastructure in our countries, able to support the development of the Knowledge’s Industry, who through the Outsoursing and the organized Micro entrepreneurship are getting to canalize the talent of our people . The responsability over the Environment was finally installed in the conscience of our citizens and in the schedules of our Governments, promoting the needed cultural transformation in the new generations in order they can live in harmony with the new Progress’s paradigm who should be also Sustaintable. Governments and privates initiatives work together closer than ever before to modify the energetic matrix by adopting alternatives energy sources, cheaper, less polluting, and if possible, renewables. It’s a time in which the change of paradigm falls all over the human activities, proposing Challenges but at the same time offering a new starting opprotunity, which would only be possible if the Universitaries Professionals, the Technicians and the Workforce were all properly trained to accomplish accordingly their roles, in an scenario where the guidelines are the Competitiveness, the High Technology, and the Productivity. Today, our countries have the marvellous opportunity to jump over the Technological Barrier that for a long time in the past kept our generations as the audience of the progress.  Now we can take the wheel of the present to leave a promissing future to our childs. The prosperity is just around the corner, but to reach it we need of urgent, deep, and smart modifications in the educational proposal, that clearly should privilegiate the Technology’s based Education. It is not enough to mantain a Formal Education like the one we knew in the past; now it needs to be of Excellence from the first stages, starting with rooms of Technology Fundamentals in the Primary School, following with Programs of Vocational Orientation in a vivencial mode in the Secondary Education, and finishing with a Professional Education strongly focused on learning how to do. While in parallel, we need a first level Teachers training, Programs of Certifications and Recertification for the workers in activity, an Professional updating courses.  Of course, a Programs for Master, Postgraduates studies, and a strong univesitary investigation with a technological profile that may act as a source of new applied knowledge. Just with an excellent education at all levels, our communities can reach the comfort and progress they deserve. That’s the Key - the unique Key- which will allow us to integrate to the first world in a peer-to peer conditions. We, at TecnoLabo have adopted the commitment to work for such goals, specially for  Uruguay  and Argentina , as both are the countries we served, and our first contribution starts today with the creation of this website, open to the big Academic community of spanish speaking people, hoping the Authorities of Public and Private Education of our countries find in our website the Inspiration, the Models, and all the counceling they may need, to review the programs of his Carreers and adopted the proper equipments. to his Laboratories. To whom feels like us, I would like to invite to let us have the comments they have, in order to continue building together the Future.
Didactic equipments for Science and Technology Laboratories
Message to the Academic Community
Marcos Delgado Director