This is the Alphabetic Index of Product and technological Areas of interest. Search bellow, among the complete list of goods we promote and sale, the one you are looking for. Take into account that in both kind of searches, the same Product  or  Area of your interest may appear under different entries, to facilitate your work. I.e:  If you entry by the Area of  Renewable Energies   you wil be addressed to the same page if you have selected  Ethanol  or Wind Generator .
Once you have located the right products, you can send us the enquires you consider neccessary about the description or technical specification that perhaps is not complete in our webpage.  After that, you can send us an e-mail  requesting a Reference Quotation to have an estimated idea about the budget you will need. TecnoLabo  is authorised to  sell in Uruguay  all the equipments announced in the website. For Argentina , Chile  and Paraguay , some restrictions may apply, but just for a few manufacturers. In such cases, we will be glad to address to you to the local Agent you should contact in your country.
Didactic equipment for Science and Technology Laboratories