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We celebrate you have reached to our website in your own language. Before continuing navigating our pages, we invite to you to store our URL among your favorites places in order to come back easily each time you wish. Here you will find the most recent and innovatives didactic equipments for almost all knowledge areas, manufactured all over the world by prestigious and well recognised factories and brands. We have Kits for “Technology Fundamentals” that you may use as Vocational detectors for the youngest students who are transiting the High School. We also offer Didactic Equipments and Simulation Software for Universities, Technical Institutes, and Training Centers focused to update the skill of active workers.  If you are: - a Professor, here you will find equipments and simulators to help you with your theoretical explanations, and to allow the sutudent to acquire the needed hands-on skills. - a Carreer’s Director or Academic Coordinator, here you will find didactic equipment to transform your laboratories into a more exciting learning environmet for your students. - a Director of an Educational Institute, here you will find the inspiration and the needed references to take advantage over your competitors by offering new carreers and innovative courses. - a Government Authority of the Scientific or Technological Education, here you will find equipments to use in your Centers in order to have an updated and more efficient Laboratories. - a Manufacturer of didactic equipment, we offer you the possibility to announce your product in our website, simply by sending us an e-mail stateting your interest to do it. Once you have selected the prospect equipments, please contact us, and we will send to you a Reference Quotation with our comments, to help you to planning the budget for your next purchase. In the case you can not find the right product you are looking for, please send an e-mail to us with all the explanations, features and technical specifications you need, and we will be glad to find all over the world, the product you are looking for, and remember that you may also contract our Consultant Service to get assistance to know how you can reuse your installations and the address you may expand the training services of your Center, according to the current technology status. We whish you an enhanced experience during your stay in our website.
Didactic equipments for Science and Technology Laboratories